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THE MIX: October 2014

While we impatiently wait for the temperature to cool down, have some ~spooky~ songs to speed up the process. They’ll chill you to the bones.


THE MIX: September 2014

Back to school, back to the grind. Here’s some music to keep you company and start the school year off right.


THE MIX: August 2014

Humidity may not be on your side as August rolls around, but that doesn’t mean The Fine Print can’t be. Jam out to this month’s mix, frizzy hair and all.


THE MIX: July 2014

This mix and a popsicle make a formidable duo to help you navigate the depths of summer.


THE MIX: June 2014

The Fine Print brings you some tunes to accompany you wherever your summer adventures take you.


THE MIX: May 2014

Things are unwinding for summer and it’s time to kick back with our new issue and May’s Mix. Let’s embrace this balmy Florida summer we all know and love.