The Last Generation


Come To Change

I’m trying this new thing where I attempt to understand people who hold a different position than I do, rather than just assuming they’re stupid… What I can’t understand is all these people leading the civil assault against marriage equality.


No Resolutions

As we move into 2012, I’ve noticed that most people seem preoccupied with two things: resolutions and the coming Apocalypse. I personally am expecting little on December 21, 2012. But, you see, there’s a certain secret I want you to know.


Marching On

We’re becoming increasingly plugged in. And I worry, as everything that possibly can go digital does so, that we’re going to be unwilling to wait patiently on the things that can’t.



Zion is the kind of small town that too many of us Last Generation kids never escape. Community college and the food-service-industry greedily devour a lot of the town’s youth.


The Great Betrayal

When I was younger, I had a problem with mirrors. I would go out of my way to avoid them, always being sure to keep the medicine cabinet open. The thing of it was, if I looked into one long enough, it really didn’t seem like I was looking at myself anymore.


Welcome to The Last Generation

As a former Gator (class of ’10 and, of course, an English major) currently self-exiled to the frigid north at Harvard Law, I’ll be your guide—or a whimsical psychopomp, perhaps—on this blog journey we’re about to begin.